I absolutely love visiting schools, libraries and bookstores and talking stories with students. My presentations and workshops can be tailored to any audience from Pre-K to 12th grade and they run from 45-60 minutes. I do up to 4 presentations per day. I am based in Brooklyn NY but visit with schools all over. Please feel free to inquire about my rates and availability.

For my graphic novel presentations I start with figuring out where ideas come from and how to turn those ideas into stories. I show slides of my sketches and paintings to show how a story is built, beginning, middle and end. We talk technique, process, love, fun, artistic heartbreak, the importance of naps and how we all have stories to tell whether we call ourselves storytellers or not.

If time and space allows I love to do a live drawing, character building, brainstorming exercise and for children to be able to get some comic making in as well.

When presenting to younger audiences I use my picture books to show how I create stories. I show the process of starting with an idea, turning that idea into sketches and the process of revising and finalizing those sketches until you have a finished story.

Graphic Novel Workshops

For my graphic novel workshops students get a more hands-on approach to learning about visual storytelling. We discuss the building blocks of sequential art, the connection and participation between creator and reader and the students get to create their own graphic novel.

Skype Sessions

If your classroom would like to do a Skype session with me I do offer free 15 minute Skype Q&A sessions. I ask that students be familiar with at least one of my books and that questions be prepared in advance.